Arjun Aiyar

Learning & Development Director (based in Dubai)

Full of energy and verve, Arjun has a natural flair for training and coaching. He is a passionate speaker and committed to helping people grow in mind, body, and spirit.

An MBA from Bond University, Australia with a double major in Finance and Information Systems, Arjun started his career with the banking industry, and then moved on to become an entrepreneur.

With his astute understanding of human nature, over the last 16 years, he has added value to scores of companies and thousands of individuals.

Arjun conducts motivation and skill based workshops in Middle East and Asia. He has also spoken at seminars in Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and Australia. He is an adept Life Coach, and his intuitive people skills have been of tremendous value to business owners, middle and senior level professionals.

He has a passion for health and fitness, and he guides people towards ‘Holistic Living’.

Arjun is also a prolific writer and several of his articles have been featured in the media. You can view some of his works on his personal blog at

Seek first to understand then to be understood

Stephen Covey